For Advertisers

Dear advertisers

I keep getting emails from you proposing that I sell advertising space related to the topic of the blog, I have accepted a few times insisting that it is related to the blog’s topic.You always say yes.
A day later, I always get a request to advertise to some gambling site, a casino, some sales website, etc.
So please read this before bothering emailing me:
1-The topic must me about coding, programming, software engineering, a tool that programmers/admins use (an IDE, a compiler, dedicated server leasing), something that is part of their environments (screens, chairs, keyboards, mice, etc) some kind of certifications that are related, some universities programs that related, or some kind of related events. No games, no toys, no gambling, no clothes, no pubs/clubs,
2-If it will be a kind of review, I will have to TRY the product so my review is honest and truthful.



Programmer’s bill of rights Update

In November I started a new job at Ericsson, which means I almost haven’t worked at all on PBR.
In the past weekend I wanted to get back to it.I had some design change of mind when I reviewed what I have done.
Biggest design change is separating rating from environment format.
After a painful experience with open space at a previous job, I had the opportunity to work in an open space format at one of Ericsson’s offshore offices.
It was a huge difference, I had a personal space, some sort of light separation between desks, but was still completely open.It made collaboration nice.
So I realised, the environment rating is not so black and white, it’s not open space is evil and private offices are good. It matters about the design.
The open space with the painful experience was really badly designed: home desks, no personal space, very crammed together, no private locked drawers, very bad chairs, etc.
I will see what I can do…

Enlightenment 17

I used to be an avid Enlightenment 16 user and in early 2000s I tried to switch a few time to e17, but I gave seeing how buggy it is.
I have been using gnome for a long time, not that I am very happy with it. But e16 is obsolete and e17 well I kinda forgot about it.
Until I heard a few days ago that E17 has been really released! after 12 years in development!!!
So I add the ppa repos to ubuntu fire up apt-get , wait a few mins. start it up, quick configurations question at first, kinda unpolished didn’t like the feeling…
Went in, hasn’t changed much since 2003 still looks like a 2003 desktop… tried to change background… e17 crashes on me.
Fuck this… 12 years in the making and it can’t change background…

Flash crashing/accelerating/skipping on google chrome?

You probably got a flash conflict. The thing is that google packages flash inside every distribution of google chrome and sometimes it conflicts with the system wide installation.
To make sure if that’s your case, open a new tab , type ‘about:plugins’ in the omnibox. Try to look for the flash section, most probably you’ll have it saying (2 files). If that’s your case, on the top right corner there isa + details tab than you can click and all plugins will have all the details. Disable one of the flash versions (older one) and usually you are good to go.

Programmer’s bill of rights

As mentioned in the previous post, that’s what I have been working on for the last month or so.
Lots to learn.

I opted to host it on Amazon Web Services for several reasons:

1-I like it. That’s what I have been working for the last year.
2-I get a free t1.micro instance for a year.
3-I can scale up easily [get bigger instances and move to RDS if needed]
4-Backups, monitoring, route53 etc. [I love them]

Also I opted to work with python , django , jquery,mysql.

Why python? I simply love the language.
why django? It’s one of the most popular python framework, and if you want to learn something new. It better be popular so you can find solutions and libraries easily.
why jquery? no particular reason; my javascript skills are close to none. So I thought I would start with something that is pretty popular.
why mysql? I know it. I have enough overhead with django and jquery for now. No need for the increase in complexity.

I already got the server setup, the work environment, virtualenv, routing/dns, apache , basic application starting to be built (of course not public).
I chose twitter’s bootstrap for basic interface details (will pay someone for a properly designed frontend sooner or later)

I am guessing public beta will be out somewhere around end of October.
Wish me luck.